Serverless Containers has now been published!

If this work is part of your research, has been part of your inspiration or you have used it, you can cite us with:

Jonatan Enes, Roberto R. Expósito, Juan Touriño. Real-time resource scaling platform for Big Data workloads on serverless environments. Future Generation Computer Systems, vol. 105, pages 361-379, April 2020. Online | Preprint

This framework has been designed and implemented to create a serverless container infrastructure where the resource limits (i.e., CPU, Memory, disks, network) of such containers can be rescaled in real time according to multiple user-defined policies such as the resource usage of the applications running inside a container or any desired time-varying resource limit.

With this serverless environment several interesting features can be exploited from both the user and the provider point of view:

  • Increased resource utilization, as it is possible to dynamically adjust the resource scheduling to match the real resource usage of the containers.
  • A serverless environment is provided and thus, only the used resource amounts are acccounted for.
  • Increased serverless flexibility is offered to the user as with containers a broad range of applications can be deployed and executed.

There is a public demo where several plots can be seen for experiments where this framework was used.

You can see them by clicking on the Demo section or with this link.

If you are want more details regarding the inner workings of this framework, its possible use cases or how to deploy it, you can refer to its Documentation.